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C Store Shelving

Shoe Display Wire Shelves Bottle Display Shelf Dividers Candy Shelves Tilted Bins

C Store Shelves and Shelving Accessories
Select the shelves and shelving that will be suite your needs.

Madix Standard Shelves and shelving.

Madix Standard Shelves and Shelving.

A smooth, dust free edge adaptable for presentations not requiring tag molding. All Base and Upper Shelves as well as End Flats have this option.

Madix Candy Rack Shelves and Shelving

Gondola Candy Rack Shelves and Shelving

The Wire Candy Rack for Gondola/Wall shelving is used to display small boxes of candy, cookies and other snack items. Attached brackets allow for easy installation in the Gondola/Wall Uprights. It may be used on either a Base or Upper Shelf.

The unit is 24 tall, 8 deep with three shelves top to bottom 4", 5", and 6", respectively. It is available in 36 or 48 widths with 1 OC wire spacing.


Potato Chip Displays

Potato Chip Displays for Grocery Store Shelving configured from either wire shelves or wire fencing.  Counter Chip Displays, and spinner chip displays all at affordable prices any business can afford.

Madix Footwear and Shoe Shelves

Footwear and Shoe Shelves

This is a non-perforated two position shelf, flat or 40 degree downslope, for use in all products with standard Madix slotting. There is a 1" lip on the front of the shelf which is designed for light loading, as expected in one row of shoes in boxes.

Madix Gravity Feed Bottle Shelves

Gondola Gravity Feed Soda Bottle Shelves

Our Plastic Bottle Slides are an important component of the Wire Bottle Display Racks. Bottles slide to the foremost product position whenever a bottle is removed. The panels are removable from the shelf for easy cleanup.

The Tilted Bin Merchandiser

The Tilted Bin Merchandiser

 is intended for organizing densely spaced, lightweight products. It offers a 4" high profile and has a 15 degree down-slope.
It can be used for small electrical parts, plastic pipe fittings, trial size items, nuts, bolts, screws, and other parts. Dividers are ordered separately.

Madix Wire Grid Shelving

Gondola Wire Grid Shelving

Bracket with hardware included for hanging Wire Grid Shelves in Gondola/Wall shelving. Sahara is standard finish.

Gondola Lumber and Pipe Display

Rigid, heavy duty for vertically displaying lengths of plastic or metal pipe, conduit, guttering or other similar items. Use two shelves per four foot section.

Madix Lumber and Pipe Display

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Gondola Corner Sections

Madix Gondola Corner Sections
Available for Single Sided Wall Sections

Corner sections available for inside and outside single sided wall sections in 90 and 45 degree shelves available.

Gondola Corner Sections

Turnstiles - Crowd Control

Turnstiles - Crowd Control

Designed for maximum security, four-arm turnstiles are ideal for businesses requiring the added security from loss prevention.  

Madix Heavy Duty Shelves

Heavy Duty Shelves for Bottled Drinks and Bagged Pet food and Farm Animal Feed

Shelf bracket is one position. All materials and options available are the same as the Standard Upper Shelves (SUS). Load capacity of 800 lbs. is based on evenly distributed static loading. A 1/4" tag molding is integrally formed into the front edge of shelf.   Shelves can be used for heavy bags of pet for and animal feed, bottled drinks like Wine, Soda, and Water.

Madix Extension Uprights available for wall and gondola sections

Extension Uprights available for wall and gondola sections

Unit with integral connector inserts easily into top of shelving section Upright, set screws expand connector, solidly aligning assembly. Order one Center Spanner (SC) for 6" thru 36" and two for 48" or larger.
Maximum load capacity is 200 lb. when loaded one side only.
Extensions priced below do not include end covers

Wall Mountable Half Uprights

Wall Mountable Half Uprights

For wall mounted shelving applications that install on 36" or 48" and use standard Madix 36" or 48" shelves and accessories.  Does not have provisions for Back Panels.  Installation and mounting hardware not included.  Available in heights from 36" to 96".  Click link for pricing.

Caster Kits Available for GondolasCaster Kits Available for Gondolas

Casters for Madix Gondolas

Kit contains four plated casters, two caster channels, and two Z stabilizer bars to create a mobile Gondola section. Plated Casters replace the Upright and Base Shoe Levelers. Hardware included.
Maximum load capacity is 600 lbs. and must be evenly distributed on both sides of the Gondola. For safety, kit CANNOT be installed on a wall section.

Mop & Broom Display for Gondola Shelving

Mop & Broom Display for Gondola Shelving

The Mop and Broom Display is composed of two components which should be ordered together. The Bottom Shelf component rests on the Base Shelf of a Wall or Gondola section. It secures to the shelf with wire tabs that insert into the shelf perforations.

The Upper Shelf component mounts into the Standard Uprights. Each unit has five compartments measuring approx. 9 5/8 wide. Available in 20", 22", and 24" depths and 4' width only.

Lawnmower Shelf for Gondola

Lawnmower Shelf & Display

The Wire Grid Lawnmower Shelf hangs at a 30 degree downslope in Madix Gondola/Wall sections. It has a 4 front lip with a 1 1/4 price tag molding attached, offering a full inch for customer supplied signage.

Since the shelf is Wire Grid, shoppers may look under the shelf to examine the undercarriage of mowers. Smaller mowers may fit two per shelf. Larger mowers will only fit one per shelf. Maximum load capacity of Wire Grid Lawnmower Shelf is 150 lbs.

Madix Carpeted Shelves

Madix Carpeted Shelves

Standard carpeted shelf with variable height lip installed over second row of perforations at rear. Lip conceals 2" gap that serves as a power and antenna chase for T.V.'s, VCR's, stereos and other electronic equipment.

Wire Flower Shelf for Gondola
Bakery Wire Shelf Brackets

Madix Wire Shelves for Gondola

Wire shelves for all types of retail stores can be used for potato chip displays, candy, bread, baked goods, flowers, potted items, and packaged goods

Compact Disc Display Shelves and Shelving.

Compact Disc Display Shelves and Shelving.

The SBS for Compact Discs replaces the Standard Base Shelf in Gondola/Wall Sections and offers the ideal way to display compact discs or similar merchandise.

Madix Cut Shelf Support

Cut Shelf Support

The metal retainer is designed to reinforce shelves that have been cut to accommodate structural support columns. The scrap piece may also be installed for a more pleasing and finished appearance.

Madix Shelf Dividers

Shelf Dividers

The solution for maintaining separation of school, office and art supplies. Dividers are 3 3/4" wide x 7 3/4" high x 6 3/4" deep. The dividers clip into front shelf perforations. Minimum product width is 6". End dividers are sold separately and in pairs.

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Display Hooks and Tag Holders

Display Hooks and Tag Holders

Display hooks to all types of display shelving or display walls with either pegboard back or a slatwall type finish

Display Hooks and Tag Holders
Madix Clothing Hang Rod Assembly

Madix Clothing Hang Rod Assembly

The Madix clothes hang rod assembly connects to an existing Madix wall or island Gondola shelving system uprights and is used to hang clothes on a hanger from the tubular hang rod bar.

Madix Extended Shelves

Extended Shelves

An extremely flexible merchandising aid. Ideal for displaying long or tall items vertically in the space at rear of shelf with related small items on the shelf to promote impulse sales.
Weight capacity is 50% less than a Standard Shelf of same bracket length.

Madix Glass Shelves

Gondola Glass Shelves

Smooth pencil polish edges on top quality glass. Sturdy frame assembly has two position brackets for flat or 15 down-slope, ideal for gifts, jewelry and optics. Weight capacity of 40 lb. for Glass Shelf installed on the Glass Shelf Frame.

Overloading could cause sudden and catastrophic failure, resulting in possible personal injury.

Madix Jar and Can Shelves

Madix Jar and Can Shelves

Designed for use with Heavy Duty 10 degree Downslope Shelf sold separately, to display small jars or cans. Dividing wires are spaced 3 13/16 OC. Tension clips insert into the shelf perforations at the front and back to allow a simple, secure attachment.

Computer Keyboard Pull Out Tray

Computer Keyboard Pull Out Tray

Ideal for use as an accessory for the display of desktop computers. The keyboard shelf mounts onto Gondola/Wall shelving on Standard Upper Shelves. It provides a place to store or display a keyboard. The keyboard tray measures 21 W by 9 D.

Madix Radius Shelves Shelving

Madix Radius Shelves Shelving

The Radius Front Shelves offer an innovative way to highlight a new product, a hot sale item or perhaps an entire line of merchandise and may be used in Madix standard Gondola and Wall fixtures, in line with SUS or STP Shelves, and a Standard Base Shelf.
When used to shelve out both sides of an aisle a unique scalloped effect is attained. This look is an attractive way to display an array of merchandise.

Madix Angled Shelf Displayer

Angled Shelf Displayer

This displayer exposes the products at an angle for better visibility. The modified bracket allows for shelf to be installed in a wide range of slots for flexible placement. Standard wire fronts or shelf retainers may be used. Load capacity is 600 lb.

Madix Transitional Shelves

Gondola Transitional Shelves

The Transition Upper Shelf is used with the Transition Base Shelf allowing different shelf sizes in a single run. Pricing is based on the largest depth dimension in the part number. Must be used with Transition Base Shelves and Kick-plates.

The 1 1/4" tag molding is integrally formed into the front edge of shelf surface. The shelf may be displayed flat, 15 degree down-tilt or 30 degree down-tilt. Load capacity of 200 Lbs.

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C Store Shelves and Shelving Accessories