Gondola Shelving

Gondola ShelvingESSI Store Fixtures is a supplier of Madix, Lozier and Streeter Gondola Shelving.  We supply a large selection of Gondola Store Shelving, sizes, heights, base depths, upper shelf depths, and accessories to make your store stand out.

ESSI has been providing Gondola Shelving to all types of retail stores since 2005 with distribution facilities and factories all over the US in may different styles, colors and patterns.

We have Gondola Shelving available in what is known as an island configuration and a wall configuration.  The island configuration is like it’s title and island fixtures that provides merchandising from all angles especially when and end cap is added to both ends of the isle. The wall configuration is basically assembled and slid up against a wall in  a single back configuration. The components used to assemble the island and wall shelving uses all the same components making all the pieces interchangeable.

The image above depicts a typical Island Gondola section with an end cap on one side of the Gondola Unit. The island shelving unit provides merchandising of product on both sides of the unit. When an end cap is added you have the ability to merchandise product on the ends of the Island Gondola Unit.

Wall Half Gondola

The Wall Half Gondola unlike it’s counter part, is positioned up against a wall and provides merchandising of products on one side. The wall provides stability for the back side of the Gondola Shelving Unit so it does not tip over.

Gondola Shelving Heights

Shelving sizes are as follows. Heights start out at 36″ and the standard height is 96″.  Heights can extend beyond 96″ with either special order uprights and extension uprights used to extend an existing upright another 48″.  Heights that are extended and heights that do not meet the recommended base shelf depth an anchor system is recommended and can be required by your local building and safety codes.

 Gondola Shelving Depths

Base depths start out at 12″ with depths as deep as 30″ deep. Upper shelves start out at 8″ and can run as deep as 30″ deep in 2″ increments. The standard widths are 36″ wide and 48″ wide with a 24″ width and 30″ width available by special order.

Many colors styles and patterns are also available. For more information on Gondola Shelving or to request an accurate quote please log onto http://www.gondola-shelving.biz.

Gondola End Cap

 The End Cap for Gondolas is best configured utilizing a single sided section of Half Gondola Shelving in a double back configuration.  the reason it is best is because the base shores are directly connected to the uprights.  This gives the end cap the strength and durability Madix Gondola Shelving is well known for. The double back configuration provides backing on both sides of the End Cap Unit so there is no open space.

 Gondola Shelf Fencing
The Shelf Fencing provides stability on all sides of an upper shelf so the product or merchandise will not falll off of the shelving.