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Black Gondola Shelving

Choose from a large slection of sizes, configurations, and color combintations.

The steel shelving parts are covered with a powder coating that is then baked on to the shelving parts in an oven.

All of the wood components are painted with a black protective coating.

Easily add a colorful Price Tag Molding

Double Sided Black Gondola Shelving

Provides the display of merchandise on bith sides of the Gondola Shelving Unit with a various selection of upper shelf sizes and configurations.

Single Sided Black Gondola Shelving

Is typically placed up against a wall to support the back side of the wall shelving fixture and provides the display of merchandise on one side of the shelving fixture.

Black Upper Shelf

Black Upper Shelf

Available in sizes from 8" deep to 30" deep.

Standard sizes that are in stace are 12" to 20" deep in 3' and 4' widths.

24" widths and 30" available by special order.

Black Slatwall Panels

Black Slatwall Panels

Available in 3" on center and 6" on center slat grooves.

Coverings include: Mealmine, HPL, Wilson Art and more.

Available in 4' X 8' sheets.